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Charges against former Isla Mujeres municipal officials still pending

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Charges against several former municipal officials of Isla Mujeres are still pending according to Rosaura Villanueva Arzapalo. The head of the State’s FGE Anti-Corruption division said the first court dates were deferred, but they continue to wait for new dates.

In the meantime, Arzapalo said that those being charged are aware of the accusations against them and once they have a court date, formal charges will be presented. Specifically, those involved are former collaborators of the Juan Carrillo Soberanis government.

“There are several crimes. People have already been made aware of the conduct that they are being accused of and if there is financial damage, the repair of that damage,” she said without providing details.

She said that there have already been former public servants charged for alleged acts of corruption committed during the municipal government six years ago, which was also headed by the former Isla Mujeres mayor Juan Carrillo, who is now a federal deputy.