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Change of name and gender still gets man arrested for 2021 kidnapping and ransom demand

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A kidnapping and subsequent ransom demand in November of 2021 landed one person in handcuffs. On July 14, the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrest of Eric R, a person they say, who went to great lengths to hide his identity.

During their investigation, the FGE says they not only linked the phone number and bank accounts used in the ransom demand, they were also still able to identify the person they believe responsible even after he “carried out procedures to obtain the change of his name and gender,” the legal agency reported.

In their statement, the FGE explained that several days after the unidentified Playa del Carmen victim was kidnapped, a ransom was requested. The family was to deposit the money into a couple of bank accounts in exchange for his release.

Investigators were able to connect the phone and bank account numbers back to Eric R, who has since changed his name and gender.