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CFE attempts repairs to decaying Isla Mujeres poles

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — CFE personnel were in La Gloria Wednesday in response to a hanging overhead line. Personnel from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Cancun Zone made adjustments to the sagging line after residential complaints.

CFE trucks were also seen in other areas of the island where heavily weather-worn poles have been reported.

The company responded to the report after a child was injured by falling pole debris last week. On March 13, a young girl received two stitches on the top of her head after being hit by a piece of concrete.

The girl was walking with her mother in residential Coca-cola when a small chunk of concrete fell from a CFE pole. She was taken to hospital where doctors determined stitches were necessary.

In regard to the Wednesday repairs, the CFE said that the staff “is carrying out supervision on the lines with the purpose of identifying defects in the networks and avoiding any incident that affects citizens, in addition to the timely attention of citizen reports.”