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Capella says two officers arrested for Cancun robbery not guilty

Cancun, Q.R. — Two state police officers who were arrested for the crime of robbery in Cancun are not guilty, says the Quintana Roo Police Chief. On Wednesday, news broke of their arrests however, Alberto Capella Ibarra says they are not guilty and have been released.

The two men, who are both two-year officers, were arrested for the robbery of a mechanic shop after a victim identified them as the assailants. However, Capella says that GPS locators along with surveillance cameras place both men on the other side of the city at the time of the robbery.

In a public broadcast accompanied by the officers who carried out the arrests, the Secretario de Seguridad Pública explained that the assault that occurred Tuesday in Region 100 of the city lead to the arrest of these agents.

Capella Ibarra stressed that the arrests were due to “confusion” or a “clash” between two corporations that were separately investigating the same crime derived from the identification of the victims. He also added that he spoke with the prosecutor and that after an internal investigation, the Public Ministry determined that there was no evidence to process the two officers.

On Tuesday around 11:00 a.m., four people, two of them armed, entered a business and assaulted those inside, making off with 70,000 in cash and a vehicle, which was later found crashed.

“While we are discussing and investigating this circumstance, there is a group of crooks, presumed responsible for a criminal act, who are free, probably mocking the situation as it developed. That is the reality and it is what we must address immediately,” said Capella.