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CAPA says the old water tower of Cozumel to be demolished

Cozumel, Q.R. — The old CAPA water tower located next to its office in Cozumel is set for demolition. Since the 35-year-old old tank is no longer used and in an advanced state of deterioration, the city has decided to demolish it.

Cozumel CAPA manager Vlady Luz Vivas recalled these elevated tanks were once used to create more pressure as water was distributed throughout island networks. Now, with the extensive population growth, the tank has been replaced by a modern base on 95th Avenue.

He says the company hired to tear down the old water tower is in the process of conducting studies to determine the best way to collapse it. Once a method is determined, the tower will be set for demolition, which he adds, should take place in about a month.