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Cancun taxi driver flags down police for help, 5 passengers arrested

Cancun, Q.R. — Five subjects traveling in a Cancun taxi were arrested Wednesday after the driver flagged down a passing patrol unit for help.

According to the communiqué of la Secretaría Municipal de Seguridad Pública y Tránsito, police approached the taxi to verify everything was in order after the taxi driver intentionally got their attention by repeatedly flicking his headlights.

During that verbal review, one of the subjects from inside the taxi began to insult police, which led to their physical review.

Upon finding a 9-millimeter firearm with 13 bullets, agents proceeded to detain 20-year-old Eladio N and 23-year-old Sergio N, both from Veracruz. Also taken into custody was Zacarias N, 28 from Puebla, Juan N 23 from Yucatán and 34-year-old Cristian N.

The arrests took place in SM 249 of Cancun.