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Cancun roadway work to begin one month earlier than planned

Cancun, Q. R. — Construction for the new cloverleaf road system that will replace the current Cancun overpass will begin a little earlier than anticipated. Guido Mendiburu Solis, the General Director of the Center of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport (SICT) of Quintana Roo, says that work will begin in August and not in September as initially planned.

During a Radio Formula interview on July 5, Solis said that work on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard will begin in August, stressing that some work is already being done for the preparation of the concrete.

Solis explained that once the project begins, work will be carried out in sections no longer than 1,500 meters at a time. He said to create the least possible damage, they will have three lanes available, one in each direction and another reversible, which will be used according to the hours of vehicular traffic.

During his interview, Solis also confirmed that before tearing down Cancun’s emblematic Casa de los Aluxes, a ceremony was held under the bridge where authorization from the aluxes was requested for the removal of the structure.

He said that eventually, another will be built in its place. Alternative routes during the construction phase have been provided by city officials.