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Cancun, Riviera Maya remain in an orange covid light

Cancun, Q.R. — The state of Quintana Roo will remain at an orange epidemiological light for the upcoming week of June 7, but with continued warnings. Governor Carlos Joaquin made the announcement late Thursday saying that businesses who continue to defy health protocols are putting the state at risk of returning to red.

During his public address, Joaquin specified that the northern region maintains a 26 percent hospital occupancy rate and a stable contagion rate of 1.14. He says while these figures keep the region in orange, it is on the verge of red.

In the southern region, Joaquin said that they too will remain orange due to their slight rise in contagion rate, but added that due to their extremely low hospital rate of only 5 percent, they are technically in a green epidemiological light.

Municipalities that have seen a decrease include Puerto Morelos with 70 percent, a decrease of 34 percent in Tulum, a reduction of 10 percent for Lázaro Cárdenas (Holbox) and 7 percent for Isla Mujeres.

On the other hand, municipalities such as José María Morelos have reported a 100 percent increase in infections as have both Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Cozumel with a 200 percent increase. Cancun has also seen a decrease, reporting a reduction of 16 percent, while it’s southern neighbor Playa del Carmen has reported a 91 percent increase in infections.