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Cancun police send another 108 to jail for impaired driving

Cancun, Q.R. — For the second consecutive weekend, Cancun police report the detainment of more than 100 drivers who were found to be intoxicated while behind the wheel.

In a statement, Cancun police say the number motorists referred to the Torito for driving under the influence of alcohol was more than the previous weekend. They reported in their latest figures, 108 motorists were referred to the Municipal Retention Center for having tested positive for excessive alcohol, up from 105 from the previous weekend.

Elements from the Traffic Directorate for the Drive Without Alcohol program conducted a total of 747 interviews and 394 breathalyzer tests, resulting in 108 positive cases. Among the drivers who were sanctioned were 16 women and six taxi drivers who were handed the corresponding penalty for incurring an administrative offense.

Of the 108, six men also tested impaired for cannabis use.

In their previous report of the 105, four taxi drivers were found impaired and sent to the Municipal Retention Center (Torito) along with one public transport driver and two federal transport service drivers.