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Cancun police arrest two, seize truck, 102 kilos of drugs

Cancún, Q.R. — Regional Security police of Cancun have detained two and seized their vehicle after finding more than 100 kilos of marijuana hidden inside their truck.

Members of the regional security division of the federal police say that a truck traveling from Hidalgo was stopped for a routine inspection when the drug discovery was made.

The federal agency reported that the arrest was made Thursday along the Agrarian Reform-Puerto Juarez section of highway where agents stopped a Toyota truck with Hidalgo plates for inspection.

Two officers identified only as B.S.D. and M.D.C. requested the driver of the truck open one of the 200-liter drums he was carrying. Once opened, police detected the smell of marijuana. The truck was carrying five 200-liter drums marked as animal feed. Inside, police discovered a total of 102 kilos of marijuana.

The two men inside the truck were arrested for transporting drugs, while the truck and five drums were seized as evidence and turned over to la Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) in Cancún.