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Cancun pedestrian killed after driver of bike hit by bus runs over woman

Cancun, Q.R. — In an unfortunate chain reaction, the driver of a motorbike hit by a bus was seriously injured and a street pedestrian killed. The accident happened early Wednesday in SM 246 when the driver of the bike stopped for a pedestrian. However, the bus behind him did not stop.

The driver of the bus hit the motorbike which then hit the woman crossing the street. The driver of the motorbike was rushed to hospital in serious condition. The female pedestrian he stopped for in front of the Aloha residential subdivision was killed. Paramedics arrived only to pronounce her on scene.

Witnesses to the accident held the bus driver, Alberto “C”, until police arrived. César “V”, the driver of the motorbike, remains in hospital. The deceased woman has been identified as Marian “A”. Police have not announced possible charges against the driver of the bus.