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Cancun officers respond to report of boy sleeping on street in freezing cold

Cancun, Q.R. — Family violence workers in Cancun have rescued a young boy who was seen sleeping on the streets. Neighbors in the area where he lived made the report to Geavig (Grupo Especializado en Atención a la Violencia Intrafamiliar y de Género) officers who arrived to find him under a wooden structure.

The 13-year-old was found sleeping under a wooden structure on a public sidewalk with a blanket over him. When officers tried to learn where his home was, the boy refused to provide the information, however, a neighbor was familiar with the boy and his family.

Officers went to the home the boy supposedly lived but no one answered the door. The specialized family violence officers transferred him to a state facility. Once there, they learned that it was not the first time a complaint for the child’s welfare had been made.

He was transferred to the Temporary Assistance Center of the DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia) under the protection of state care.