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Cancun neighbors tie alleged thief to pole for police

Cancun, Q.R. — When police were finally called to the scene, most of their work had been done for them after a group of neighbors tied up a would-be thief.

Neighbors of SM 231 say they witnessed a young man attempting to enter a private home that was not his own. For his efforts, he was captured and tied to a pole. Police were then called to retrieve him.

The incident happened on Calle Nicaragua in the Las Culebras neighborhood with a group of neighbors subduing their young subject, who they claimed, is a known thief in the area.

Police did respond to their call, and as reported, when they arrived, they did find he had been tied to a pole. He was untied from the city pole and place in the back of a police unit, after which, he was transferred to police facilities for processing.