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Cancun man reported for assaulting woman believed responsible for commercial robberies

Cancun, Q.R. — A man picked up over the weekend for carrying a prohibited weapon is believed related to commercial robberies. On Sunday, the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana of Qunitana Roo said that Romario “N” was arrested in Cancun for carrying a prohibited weapon after the report of an assault.

Arresting officers also charged him with disobedience and resistance. He is believed to be associated with various armed commercial robberies in and around the city of Cancun. The SSC reported that Romario “N” targets commercial chains.

Romario “N” was taken into police custody from SM 249 after a report of an assault against a woman. According to the SSC, the now-detained was reported by a woman who said he shouted obscene words at her before grabbing her by the hand, pulling her close and exposing a knife, at which point she began to scream.

He released her and she ran, contacting police. He was picked up at Isla Soana Avenue after police matched his characteristics from the description of the assault.

The SSC reported that when he saw police, he became hostile and aggressive. During a physical search, they found a knife with a red handle.