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Cancun man receives second degree burn on legs after car catches fire

Cancun, Q.R. — A man in Cancun was taken to hospital with second degree burns on his legs after the car he was driving caught fire. The car fire happened in SM 230 in the parking lot of a pharmacy.

Eyewitnesses indicated that the man was inside his car when it suddenly caught fire and, not being able to put the fire out, burned both of his legs. Witnesses told responding emergency personnel that in a matter of seconds, flames engulfed the entire car.

Neighbors and passersby helped the 47-year-old driver out of the car and with buckets of water, tried to put out the flames, but were unsuccessful. Elements of the Cancun fire department arrived and were able to extinguish the flames, but the car had already been completely consumed.

Firemen were also the ones to provide first aid to the burned driver, who was transferred to hospital via ambulance. A short circuit in the dashboard was said the likely cause of the fire.