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Cancun firemen rescue puppy from water well

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun firemen were called to rescue a puppy from a private water well in SM 230 Sunday. The rescue was made after its owners called emergency services for help.

According to Cancun Police, the dog fell into the well Saturday. After trying unsuccessfully to pull the dog from the well, its owners requested help. The Cancun C-5 Centre sent four firemen in two units to the private home where one of the smaller firemen was sent down into the well.

The fireman was secured in a harness and lowered 8 meters into the well where he was able to reach the puppy and return him to the surface. The puppy was reunited with his owner who was grateful for the help.

In a briefing, Policia Cancun reported, “We attended a pet (puppy) rescue report assigned by the C-5 in SM 230. The Central Station rescue units 966 and 959 proceeded with 4 elements, carrying out vertical descent work to an 8-meter deep well, managing to rescue the puppy alive in one of the cavities of the cave, being delivered to its owner who, grateful, told us that he had been inside the well for 2 days.”