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Cancun drivers could face 5,000 fine for parking in disabled spaces

Cancun, Q. R. — Drivers caught parking in disabled spaces without a permit are setting themselves up for a fine. Jorge Aguilar Osorio, the General Secretary of the Benito Juárez City Council, says the City of Cancun will be fining lazy drivers 5,000 peso.

He says the parking stalls are reserved for those with physical disabilities, so anyone caught using them without a permit will be fined. Osorio also said that there will be no discounts offered to those who are fined.

“For us, this type of infraction does not allow for any type of discount,” he said “so help us by processing your handcapped parking permit card. It is very fast. Just go to transit,” he stated.

“If you have any type of disability, whatever it is and you think you a candidate for having this type of right, process it,” he added.

He said that Municipal Transit tours the city in search of drivers who park in the handicapped spaces without a handicapped permit. The goal is to raise awareness that those blue stalls are reserved for people with disabilities or people with limited mobility.

He also added that it is against city bylaws to obstruct handicapped access ramps on sidewalks and in other pedestrian areas.