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Cancun authorities investigate after man found buried in garden of private home allegedly by girlfriend

Cancun, Q.R. — Authorities in Cancun continue to investigate after locating the body of a man allegedly buried by his girlfriend. On Friday, the FGE acknowledged finding the body of an adult man buried in the garden of a private home in Cancun.

“The FGE Quintana Roo reports that, as a result of a complaint, an investigation was started in relation to the death of a male of foreign origin in the Mpio. of Benito Juárez who was illegally buried in a garden, apparently by his sentimental partner.”

“Personnel from the social representation carried out a search in place and the body was recovered. Specialized experts carry out forensic studies to determine the causes of death. (information in development)”

The man, identified as 60-year-old Daniel Cipolat, was originally from Argentina but had lived in Cancun more than 10 years. His body was discovered by police Thursday after they received a complaint.

According to Argentinian media El Ciudadano, Cipolat was alleged to have been sick with the Delta variant of Covid since mid-August. His death was announced on social media September 3.

Nicolás, the son of Daniel Cipolat, questioned the death and made contact with the owner of the home, Linda N, who was Cipolat’s work assistant and girlfriend. Nicolás traveled to see her on September 13.

According to El Ciudadano, Nicolás posted: “I want to tell you that on September 13, I traveled to see Linda and there she confessed that she had buried my father in the garden of her house. She refused to take me to see the body. I asked her for (her father’s) cell phone to investigate, because there are many things that smell very strange, and she refused to give it to me. She also confessed to me that he falsified the death certificate.”

It was the son of Cipolat who filed the complaint with the FGE in Cancun and requested an investigation into his cause of death. According to the report by El Ciudadano, the whereabouts of Linda N, a Mexican national, is unknown.