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Bus ad removed from Playa del Carmen terminal after city request

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The shell of a bus used as an advertisement has been removed. The metal bus shell was taken down after being suspended from the ceiling on the second level of the maritime terminal.

Men arrived with tools and a tow truck to remove the life-sized advertisement after the city made the request with a deadline. The City of Solidaridad fined both the company that owns the bus and the company who exhibited it for failing to have permits.

City officials also said that the bus, which had been hanging for more than a year, posed a public danger.

The Operations Committee of the Maritime Terminal forced the concessionaire Naviera Veracruzana (Navega) to remove the bus at the request of the Solidaridad City Council, which was made at the beginning of February.

Both the company who owns the bus and the company who suspended it, were fined by the City of Solidaridad and given a deadline for its removal. Early Tuesday morning, the bus was finally taken down.