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Boat likely responsible for death of Cozumel sea turtle

Cozumel, Q.R. — A green sea turtle with a fractured shell was found on the island of Cozumel authorities reported.

A local citizen reported the finding in the vicinity of Casitas beach where they saw the turtle floating in the sea. Several people went out to help the turtle, but noticing that it was not responding, they brought it to shore and called authorities.

Staff of the Environmental Education Center of the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation headed by its director, Rafael Chacón Díaz, arrived at the site to check the turtle. The official indicated that when they arrived, they found that the turtle was already dead.

According to him, the turtle suffered a fractured shell, likely caused by a boat. A mandatory report of the broken shell and death of the turtle was made to federal authorities along with the State Committee of Protection of sea turtles.

Chacón Díaz stressed that this unfortunate fact serves to make a call again to the community to protect wildlife and give notice when they see an animal in difficulty, as well as raise awareness of the importance of ensuring a good coexistence with the animals that inhabit the island.

He summoned the community to protect wildlife and make any reports to the Centro de Conservación y Educación Ambiental (CCEA) in the event anyone finds an endangered species, adding that authorities will be responsible for their relocation and release among which include turtles, crocodiles and coatis.