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Boat carrying 4 divers found after lost communication

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Four youths who disappeared from communication while heading out for a diving expedition, were located by another vessel off Isla Mujeres.

The four were reported as missing Sunday when they left Marina Aquatours at 6:30 a.m. aboard a 21-foot boat to go diving offshore north of Isla Mujeres. La Capitanía Regional de Puerto de Puerto Juárez issued an alert after the report of the disappearance of the vessel with four young people on board.

They were reportedly heading to Arrowsmith point to dive. It was around 3:30 p.m. that the boat was reported to be lost without communication. Relatives of the four youths reported them as missing. Nautical authorities began a search, however, it wasn’t until Monday morning that they were discovered by an aircraft of the Mexican Navy.

La Secretaría de Marina aircraft located the vessel, which was already being towed by another vessel. Both were escorted to shore by a navy rescue ship. There were no official details of what exactly happened and why the boat lost communication. There were also no injuries reported.