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Belize authorities hold two for facilitating illegal plane

Orange Walk, Belize — Two people have been detained regarding the Monday morning landing of a plane along the Mexico-Belize border. Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams reported that after the seizure of the Gulfstream G2 jet, two people were detained, both of whom are accused of having facilitated the landing of the aircraft near a farm in the Santa Martha area of Orange Walk.

According to the official, the owner of the farm and another man who is said to be the Mennonite owner of an excavator, have been arrested. They were taken into police custody after the owner of the excavator pushed the downed aircraft onto the private property of the farm owner.

Williams said that after an operation by Belize authorities, they managed to arrest the two men in the vicinity of the clandestine track. The plane was detected by Mexican military during the early morning hours Monday, which forced the plane to land in Belize territory. The plane was believed to have been transporting drugs.

It was found Monday on the Santa Martha highway in the Orange Walk district, near the border with Mexico. By the time personnel located the aircraft, its cargo and those on board had vanished.