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Bee Friendly Cozumel has rescued nearly 70 hives

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Civil Association Bee Friendly Cozumel says they have rescued nearly 70 hives this year from urban areas to more favorable places for reproduction.

Beekeeper and association representative Martha Chavéz says that the season where bees travel in search of a good place to make a home is still in force. When hives are found in trouble areas, they attempt a rescue.

“Each rescue takes between two to three hours, but it depends on how complicated the place is. After the rescue, the bees are relocated in boxes to the apiary where they can freely perform their reproduction process,” she explained.

She said that 2019 has been very important for the proliferation of the species since the present rains that accompany the hot season have benefited the production of honey they generate on the island.

Although she did not specify how much, Martha Chavez said that of the tons of honey generated, they have allocated 50 percent to make products such as soaps, cough syrups and creams.

“With the sale of the products we will be able to continue working to buy what the apiary requires such as core boxes, frames and suits and thus, be able to continue taking care of and working the hives. What we do, we do with passion, our job is to take care of life,” she added.

She explained that they have made visits to schools and hotels so that children and visitors learn and appreciate nature and raise awareness in the community about the life of bees and how they work in the environment.