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Authorities tossing around idea of installing meters in Cancun taxis

Cancun, Q.R. — The General Secretary of the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers Union says they are tossing around the idea of installing meters inside Cancun taxis. Heriberto Núñez Cauich says after ongoing citizen complaints of overcharges, a metered taxi system is being considered.

He said that while the minimum cost for a trip in Cancun is 40 peso, many drivers charge 50 for the 40 peso ride.

Although he recognized the public annoyance is valid, he also said that people need to understand the driver’s have not had a rate increase approved in a long time.

Núñez Cauich said the topic of the meters was brought up by state authorities, which if installed, would allow passengers to see a digital reading of their fair and not an amount the driver comes up with.

“There are possibilities, if nothing else, it is a possibility, they told us. We are open to everything,” he said adding that while the meter is an option, they have not decided if they will install them in Cancun taxis since the drivers are not in favor of it.

“It is a matter of the delegates forcing the operators to have this fee in view of the user who can check the cost of his trip and that way, we would avoid all problems,” said Carlos Salazar, a taxi driver.

Núñez Cauich recalled this topic also came up several years ago, but state officials at the time found the meters to be counterproductive in that taxi passengers who did not agree with the fair would likely challenge them and accuse the meters of being rigged.