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Authorities find 25-year-old Argentinian driver responsible for Riviera Maya highway accident that killed six

Riviera Maya, Q. R. — State authorities report excessive speed, bad weather and a lack of caution to be the cause of the fatal accident that killed six. In an official report, the State Attorney General released its findings regarding the two vehicle crash.

“Derived from the expert opinion carried out regarding the road accident that occurred on February 18, at 1:00 p.m. on the Tulum-Playa del Carmen stretch, which left six people dead and two injured, the State Attorney General’s Office reports that the opinion on field criminology and traffic events concluded that excess speed, bad weather conditions and lack of caution were the causes of this mishap,” they said.

The Sunday afternoon Riviera Maya highway accident claimed the lives of five Argentinians and one Mexican.

The expert opinion indicates that there was a lack of caution on the part of Maximiliano Nicolás, the 25-year-old driver responsible for the accident. The FGE said the driver failed to consider the wet conditions of the road and abide by the speed limit, which is 60 kms/h on that stretch of highway.

“Maximiliano Nicolás Laviano was driving the Suzuki vehicle on the Tulum-Playa del Carmen road coming from Belize, heading from south to north, when he lost control of the unit when exiting a curve and colliding his left front wheel with the central median of the highway.

“The car made a turn in the air and invaded the contraflow lane, from north to south, impacting the Nissan Urvan-type unit.”

Six people were killed in the Sunday afternoon accident. Photo: February 18, 2024.

Five people from inside that car were killed. Two survived. One is reported stable and the other, the female survivor, is reported to be serious. They ranged in ages from 38 to 23. The 32-year-old Mexican driver of the van was one of those killed.

“The State Attorney General’s Office works in coordination with the Consulate of Argentina for the process of delivering the bodies of its deceased compatriots, of which four have already been resolved and one more is pending for transfer to Uruguay, where their relatives reside.

“Likewise, the body of the Mexican, driver of the Nissan vehicle, was delivered to his relatives,” the agency reported.