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Six killed in two vehicle crash on Riviera Maya highway

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Six people were killed Sunday in a two vehicle collision south of Playa del Carmen. Five of the deceased are reported to be tourists from Argentina. The sixth deceased is a local transport driver.

Scores of police and emergency services had a large section of the federal highway completely shut Sunday while ambulances and a helicopter arrived. At least three ambulances were at the scene along with Transit elements, Civil Protection and Playa del Carmen firemen to attend to the crash that involved two vehicles and at least eight people.

The highway was completely shut for several hours due to the accident. Photos: February 18, 2024.

An SUV carrying seven Argentinian tourists crashed with a local transport van. Five of the seven from inside the SUV were killed. The driver of the transport van was rushed to hospital where he died. It is not clear if he died in hospital or was pronounced on arrival.

Seven people were traveling inside the silver SUV when it collided with the van.

The accident happened early Sunday afternoon approximately 30 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. Passing motorists reported the colission between the SUV and van in an area about halfway between the sea side towns of Puerto Aventuras and Akumal.

The driver and sole occupant of the van was airlifted to hospital.

“Operational elements and firefighters continue to support the accident that occurred on the Puerto Aventuras-Tulum federal highway near the Palladium Hotel. Take precautions as traffic is completely stopped,” the SPC (Sría de Protección Civil, Prevención de Riesgos y Bomberos de Solidaridad) reported Sunday.

Playa del Carmen firemen used the jaws of life to remove the trapped driver from the van and the SUV.

Several Playa del Carmen firemen were at the accident site using the jaws of life to free trapped occupants. The young driver of the van, who was critically injured, was removed from the front seat and air lifted to hospital.

The front seat passenger of the SUV is seen using his phone before being placed on a stretcher.

Five people inside the silver SUV were killed during the collision. Emergency responders arrived to find three of the car’s occupants partially outside the vehicle. One woman from the center back seat and the male front seat passenger survived.

The accident is believed to have been the result of speed and wet roads, with one of the drivers losing control and crossing into an oncoming lane.

Five of the seven from inside the SUV were killed in the Sunday accident.

Late Sunday, the State Attorney General (FGE) said an investigation had begun into the official cause of the crash while verifying six deaths.

The driver of the van is seen here being moved to a waiting helicopter for hospital transfer.

“The State Attorney General’s Office reports that it has initiated an investigation into the unfortunate accident that occurred on the Puerto Aventuras-Tulum highway, where six people are reported dead and two injured.

The unidentified driver of the van died. It is not known if he died in hospital or along the way.

“This autonomous body, in coordination with the security and rescue teams, provides support to the survivors of this event, who were transferred to the hospital to be evaluated and treated in an emergency.

“Based on the first investigations, it can be determined that, due to the weather conditions in the city, one of the drivers lost control of their vehicle, invading the opposite lane, causing the accident.

“Experts from different specialties are working on the analysis of the evidence collected, in order to clarify this unfortunate fact.”

On Saturday, state officials posted heavy to very heavy rain warnings for the region, in particular, the south. Advisories were also issued that highway drivers use caution due to the expected rains.