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Another five Pemex oil rigs reported looted by sea pirates

Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche — Approximately two weeks after three Pemex platforms were boarded by pirates, another five have been reportedly boarded. Again, offshore platforms belonging to Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) were robbed after being boarded by modern day pirates.

The oil rigs were attacked on the morning of July 15 in the Sonda de Campeche. During this most recent assault, five of the company’s platforms were robbed of tools and material, bringing the yearly total to 19.

This latest string of robberies happened on unoccupied satellite platforms. When crews arrived to perform maintenance, they found the oil rigs had been robbed. The five platforms were located mainly in the Cantarell Productive Field.

The vandalized the Akal Metro facility is where they took cables and tools. The Akal DB was robbed of its communication equipment, tools and cables. They also looted the Akal TD, Sihil Alfa and Akal TI facilities.

According to information from Pemex, galvanized steel conduit pipes with an interior and exterior zinc coating and a Haskel-brand high-pressure pump were among some of the other items stolen.

Authorities from Pemex have said that so far, no one has been arrested for the robberies.