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Ana Peralta will take over as new mayor of Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Ana Patricia Peralta is getting ready to officially assume the Cancun mayor’s position. After Cancun mayor Mara Lezama won the June 5 governor elections, Peralta will officially take over her duties in July.

Peralta was temporarily assigned Lezama’s position in early March when Lezama announced she was running for governor of Quintana Roo. Since winning the election, Peralta will continue in the position, officially becoming Cancun’s mayor next month.

Peralta clarified media confusion about the position being handed off to another person.

Quintana Roo Deputy José de la Peña Ruíz de Chávez, has also confirmed that it will be Ana Patricia Peralta who will assume the mayor’s seat of Benito Juárez (Cancún). He said she is firm and will do a good job for the municipality and their families.

Ana Patricia will officially take over when Lezama leaves office to assume the governership position. Lezama will officially become the named Governor of Quintana Roo in September, taking over from the current governor, Carlos Joaquin.