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Air patrol locates ‘white lump’ of cocaine floating with sargassum off coast of Akumal

Akumal, Q.R. — For the second time in a month, packaged cocaine has been found on an Akumal beach. On Friday, the Secretary of the Navy said this latest batch was found during an air patrol.

On Thursday, ground military were alerted to the air discovery approximately 100 meters off the coast of Akumal. Air patrol reported sighting a “white lump” floating with the sargassum.

A vessel was deployed and the “white lump” collected from the sea. The packages were transferred to the Playa del Carmen Naval Station where 25 kilos of wrapped cocaine packages were confirmed.

The package wrapping matched that of the 18 bricks of cocaine found washed up on Punta Piedra in Tulum two days earlier. Authorities are investigating to see if the two findings are related.

In both cases, the narcotics were transferred to Cancun facilities. This latest finding brings the military tally to 199 bricks of washed up cocaine along Quintana Roo shores during the month of August.

In mid-July, a single brick of cocaine was found washed up on an Akumal beach. In August, another air patrol located an overturned boat off the coast of Puerto Aventuras that lead to the discovery of 150 kilos of cocaine.