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Military surveillance team finds cocaine on Akumal beach

Akumal, Q.R. — A wrapped block of cocaine was found entangled in rocks in Akumal Tuesday. Patrolling military made the finding.

“The discovery was recorded when National Guards carried out inspection, security and crime prevention tours in the beach area of the tourist area known as Akumal. National Guard personnel noticed that between the rocks and the sargassum on the beach, there was a rectangular package wrapped with transparent tape.

“Upon inspecting its contents, they identified that it contained white powder with the characteristics of the narcotic known as cocaine,” the SSPC wrote in a statement.

The package was removed from the Akumal beach and transferred to the Federal Public Ministry Agency in Cancun to determine the type of drug and its exact weight in order to continue the corresponding investigations.

Last week, 11 kilos of wrapped cocaine blocks were found on a Cozumel beach. Those blocks were stamped with a name and logo, making them easier to identify. Authorities have not said if the two findings are related.