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Air patrol locates overturned boatload of cocaine off Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Over 150 kilos of cocaine has been secured from Puerto Aventuras waters when an air surveillance tour happened upon an overturned boat. On Friday, the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) made the report of the Thursday discovery.

The finding of the packaged drugs was made during a routine coastal air patrol. From the air, military personnel saw an overturned boat in the port of Puerto Aventuras.

In their statement, Semar reported that “the Mexican Navy, acting as Coast Guard through the Ninth Naval Region, located and secured alleged cocaine in the vicinity of Puerto Adventures.

“Therefore, a vessel from the Fifteenth Naval Zone, which was conducting maritime surveillance patrols in the area, upon arriving at the place, found said vessel with no crew members on board,” the Secretary of the Navy reported.

The boat was transferred to the Puerto Aventuras Naval Station where naval personnel proceeded to carry out an inspection, finding five sacks with 156 bricks of cocaine weighing approximately 159 kilograms.

Due to the above, the alleged drug and the boat were made available to the competent authorities, in Cancun.