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Aguakan working to repair Isla Mujeres water leak

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — An interruption to the municipality’s water supply is still being worked on. In a statement, Aguakan reported finding a faulty line that brings water to the island from the mainland.

The company reported that divers are still working on replacing the broken section of water line, which Augakan says, should be completely repaired by Wednesday afternoon.

“We continue to carry out repair work on the leak in the drinking water conduction line to the Island. The divers brigade is carrying out the pertinent maneuvers, meanwhile, we continue to provide the supply with pipes, meeting the needs of the islanders,” they said in their statement.

Aguakan has been going house to house with trucks to manually fill buckets with fresh water until the line leak is repaired.

A small section of submerged line was found leaking. Aguakan says it is along the water conduction line that connects Cárcamo de Punta Sam with Isla Mujeres.

The leak was noticed on the afternoon of March 5. Aguakan reported that the leak was detected when “our technician observed a drop in the levels of entry of m3 to the island despite the proper functioning of the Punta Sam sump on the mainland.

“As a consequence of this, we activated our emergency protocol and contacted an oceanographer and team of divers to leave that same Sunday afternoon to inspect the line. As a result of this, at approximately 7:00 p.m., a water leak point was identified on a section of the line.

“Now without the necessary light for the divers to submerge, they proceeded to mark the line and return on Monday. While this was happening, the operations team coordinated the crossing of five tanker trucks (PIPAS) at dawn so that they would be on the ferry early Monday.”

Aguakan says the materials necessary to make the repairs have been prepared and they have already modified the affected section three times, which they added, “presented a series of marks, a consequence of the passage of some vessel that may have generated the breakage.”

Strong winds and tides have not helped divers make the repairs. Aguakan says during their third modification, they were able to only reduce the leak, not completely close it. For that reason, Aguakan trucks were back on the island Tuesday manually delivering water.

Additional material was ordered to completely close the leak, which they say, they are hoping to have repaired for noon Wednesday. Part of the additional material included more reinforcement to the seafloor bed.