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Aguakan Playa del Carmen fined for healthy distance noncompliance

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An office of Aguakan was fined Monday by the City Council of Solidaridad for not imposing healthy distance measures for users who arrive to make payments.

The fine was issued by the municipality to an office of the water company due to the long line of people. Citizen complaints lead Civil Protection inspectors to the facilities where they found an accumulation of people and no healthy distance measures in place by Aguakan.

Civil Protection deputy director Emanuel Hedding, was on site to verify the lack of health measures and proceeded to fine the company. “In case they do not pay, they will be closed, they were warned,” he said.

The municipal official indicated that they have made, and will continue to make, tours of various businesses to verify health measures are being carried out, noting this is the first fine they have had to issue a fine for noncompliance.