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Aguakan announces construction of 3 solar parks

Cancun, Q.R. — Aguakan has begun the construction of three solar parks. Once complete, the parks will house more than 2,500 solar panels. The parks are being constructed in the company’s north, northwest and south treatment plants of Cancun.

The parks are being built in a bid to promote clean energy and optimize energy consumption in the treatment plants.

“The high consumption of electrical energy demanded by wastewater treatment plants invites the development and implementation of alternative technologies that reduce the use of traditional energy. With this infrastructure, Aguakan plans to reduce our carbon footprint, thus seeking to preserve the environment,” the company wrote in a statement.

“The project began with the design and conceptualization phase in 2020, and we hope to start operations at the plant in 2022. Only at the South Treatment Plant will there be around a thousand solar panels installed, which will generate approximately more than 500 KW of power, which represents a third of the energy consumed by the Treatment Plant,” said Rodolfo Salvador, head of the Innovation and Clean Energies area of Aguakan.

The project will come in at around 36 million peso. Once built, the parks will allow the solar equipment to be connected to the motor control center, pumping and aeration equipment, providing a backup source of energy.