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ADO bus driver on route to Cancun crushed to death while checking suspension

Xpujil, Campeche — An ADO bus driver running a Oaxaca to Cancun route was crushed to death while inspecting his vehicle. The accident happened Saturday morning along the side of a road in Xpujil, Campeche while he was inspecting the suspension on the front end of his unit.

The bus had left Salina Cruz, Oaxaca Saturday and was bound for Cancun. However, along the way, the driver pulled over to check out a mechanical issue with his bus. While doing so, the bus’ air suspension system activated, lowering the bus onto his head.

By the time his co-pilot realized what happened, the driver was dead. Authorities in Xpujil found the parked bus on the shoulder of Calakmul Avenue with the driver pinned in the wheel well.

A second unit was called in to transport passengers to their final destinations. The name of the bus driver was not released.