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800 kilos of cocaine seized off coast of Acapulco

Acapulco, Guerrero — More than 800 kilos of drugs have been seized by the Mexican Navy off the coast of Acapulco.

The report comes from la Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México who say navy personnel from la Octava Región Naval at Acapulco have seized 816 kilos of drugs that included cocaine and marijuana.

In a press release, the navy says that during routine aerial surveillance patrols, a vessel was sighted with suspicious cargo. In a joint operation with helicopters and ships, the vessel was intercepted by marine corps who made the find.

In total, personnel found 816 kilograms of illicit cargo of cocaine, two containers of marijuana and 21 drums of fuel totaling 1,050 liters, in addition to a smaller boat with high power engines. From the find, three crew members were taken into custody.

The cargo, fuel and vessel, as well as the detainees, were placed at the disposal of the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation of Acapulco, Guerrero.

The Navy of Mexico says that already this year, they have seized more than 13 tons of drugs including cocaine, marijuana and synthetic drugs, thus removing those vessels from circulation and preventing the drugs from arriving at their final destination.