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25 million being withheld from companies who remodeled Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The sum of 25 million peso in payments will be held back from companies who worked on the remodeling of Fifth Avenue. The withhold request was made to the Solidaridad Municipal Treasury by the Quintana Roo Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

Adrián Pérez Vera, Solidaridad Municipal Trustee, says the Office made the request in anticipation of patrimonial damage to the city council. The 25 million will be withheld from five companies that worked on the remodeling of Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue.

“The Prosecutor’s Office for combating corruption notified the municipal treasurer that they must secure five policies worth 25 million peso to various companies that were hired for the rehabilitation of Fifth Avenue,” he said.

The announcement was made days after Playa del Carmen mayor, Lili Campos, announced that an additional two lawsuits were filed against the former administration for irregularities found during a state audit.

There are 14 suits currently filed against former officials of the past municipal administration that was headed by Laura Beristaín Navarrete.