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Yucatan residents told to stay home after another increase in positive virus figures

Merida, Yucatan — “I want to tell you that the critical moment has arrived. It is important that you understand we have to act responsibly. We are seeing what is happening in other parts of the world such as Italy and the United States where for not taking precautions on time, their health systems are completely overrun,” said the Governor Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal as a call to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He sent his message after another increase in positive cases for the state was announced by health officials, who now have positive figures at 56. Vila Dosal said the most important thing is that people stay at home because otherwise, the number of patients with this virus will increase, which will overwhelm hospitals and could see the collapse of the health system.

“But this will only and exclusively depend on each one of us, that we are responsible and supportive of each other.”

He explained that the new measures by the Federal Government dictate that people must remain in their homes, which has been rigorously implemented, while non-essential companies and businesses must, for the time being, close until April 30th.

“There is a coordinated operation to exhort people to stay at home and to close businesses that are not essential. People have to understand that it is for their health and for the health of others. We will enforce the decree issued by the federal government and in coming days, be more rigid, always within the framework of what the law determines,” he added.