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Young lion cub seized from exhibition in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection has seized a young lion cub found being used for tourist opportunities along the city’s popular Fifth Avenue.

In a statement, the agency says they have imposed the suspension for the use of the animal being exhibited in a local area of Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen for not having the Management Plan updated and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources or authorization granted by the Secretariat for its use.

In response to various reports and complaints about the presence of wildlife on this site, Profepa personnel, with the support of Federal Public Security personnel, carried out an inspection visit to the site that manages wildlife in a confined manner.

As a result of the inspection visit, an African lion breeding animal of about three months of age was found inside the facility.

At the time of the inspection, the owner of the cub presented an original invoice which accredits the legal acquisition, however, the inspected could not present the Management Plan or approval from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in accordance with theThird Article of the Regulations of the General Law of Wildlife nor the authorization granted by the Secretariat for the use of the African lion in possession.

Therefore, the temporary total suspension of activities of the African lion was enforced with the lion being housed in federal facilities as a safety measure.

In accordance with the General Wildlife Law, the violator could receive a fine and a penalty of six months to nine years in prison.