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Virus screening set up at Chiquilá and Holbox ports

Holbox, Q.R. — All ferry passengers using the ports of Chiquilá and Holbox are undergoing COVID-19 detection screening before being allowed to enter the towns.

Municipal president Nivardo Mena Villanueva had the detection devices installed along with upgraded sanitary sinks and disinfection stations at detection and surveillance filters at the ports. Mena Villanueva says Holbox continues to receive visitors, but under strict control and hygienic measures.

“We must reassure the population that we are vigilant and with prompt attention to any indication of the presence of this virus,” he said. The move comes as part of federal and state sanitary provisions. All passengers are also screened with temperature taking before boarding the ships.

Fumigation of the maritime transport areas including ticket offices, terminals, taxis, toilets and waiting rooms by Cleanwork Orange, which is harmless to human but fight bacteria, is also part of the strategy. Hand washing and disinfection areas in both ports of Chiquilá and Holbox have also been installed.

Mena Villanueva said that all access points are being monitored and the operation will last as long as necessary. He says the equipment to be used will increase according to the demand and instructions of Governor Carlos Joaquín González.

“We must remember that we are currently in Phase I, that is, importing the virus. For these areas, we will soon have thermal imaging cameras that will speed up detection,” he said.