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Veracruz driver ruins truck after he tries to cross highway sinkhole

Las Choapas, Veracruz — The driver of a pickup that attempted to cross a collapsed section of highway in Veracruz ended up with severe damage to his vehicle. Due to heavy rains, a large section of the Las Choapas-Raudales-Ocozocoautla highway collapsed, creating a sinkhole. However, that didn’t stop some from trying to cross.

Cold Front No. 9 brought with it heavy rains that generated a sinkhole after the underwater river system grew, eventually washing away a section of the road. Elements from Las Choapas Civil Protection, along with personnel from the National Guard and Federal Roads and Bridges, arrived to find the severely damaged pickup truck on the other side of the washed out section of highway.

The driver reportedly told authorities that to get out of the hole he had to accelerate, which caused him to crash into the guardrail. The driver of the truck was arrested.

The roadway was left closed in both directions creating traffic congestion since most drivers were unaware of the newly developed sinkhole.