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Two serious in Cozumel coastal highway crash

Cozumel, Q.R. — UPDATED: A young motorcycle driver clings to life in a Cozumel hospital after a highway accident Wednesday afternoon. Cozumel Transit, firemen and ambulances attended the accident scene that involved a motorcycle and van.

Cozumel firemen spent nearly half an hour cutting a passenger free from the front seat of the van using the jaws of life. The woman’s legs became trapped under the dashboard due to the extensive impact from the motorcycle.

Cozumel firemen work to free a front seat passenger after her legs became trapped. Photo: Feb. 14, 2024.

The two vehicle crash happened in the South Hotel Zone, around 11 kilometers from the center of the island. The two vehicles, traveling in opposite directions, hit nearly head on breaking the front fork of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle driver and his bike were located more than a block away from where the van finally came to a stop. Transit collected pieces of the broken bike that included its front tire and the rider’s helmet, which reportedly came off due to the collision.

The injured have not been identified. Cozumel Transit work to determine an official cause for the crash.

UPDATE: The young motorcycle driver involved in the accident, Walter “N”, died. He died in a Cozumel hospital Thursday afternoon after being rushed from the scene in an ambulance that morning. Authorities did not provide his age.