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Triggerman accomplice in Riviera Maya hotel shooting arrested in Mexico City

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A man believed to be an accomplice to the shooter in a Riviera Maya hotel killing has been arrested in Mexico City. On Sunday, the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) announced the arrest of Óscar Iván N, a believed accomplice in the shooting killed two Canadian men and injured one Canadian woman.

A nationwide warrant was issued for the arrest of Óscar Iván N shortly after the January 21 shooting where two others had already been taken into custody. He is believed to be the mastermind behind the shooting and the man who paid for the hits to be carried out.

Through a statement, the SSPC announced the May 1 arrest of Óscar Iván N from a central residential neighborhood of Mexico City, where, the SSPC said, he was located in the company of one of his alleged accomplices.

His arrest was made in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office of Quintana Roo. “They were located in Mexico City for which field personnel implemented an operation (…) one of the people was identified as Oscar Iván “N” who had an arrest warrant for murder and attempted murder,” the SSPC reported, since two of the three people shot, died.

Óscar Iván N was part of a group hired to kill the two Canadian men while they vacationed at a Riviera Maya hotel. Oscar Montes de Oca, head of the Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office, said the hit was put out due to a multi-million dollar debt.

Those involved in the early morning shooting that happened inside the restaurant area of the hotel are all said related to international drug and weapons trafficking.