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Three to stand trial for attempted murder of Cancun man and minor

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun judge has determined three people will stand trial for the attempted murder of two city residents. Their charges stem from a December 2 incident at a construction site in SM 233.

After being notified that someone was stealing material from a house they were building, all three arrived at the SM 233 location. Upon arrival, one of them began shooting. A man and a minor were injured.

In a statement by the State Attorney General’s Office, Jhonson Eduardo “N”, Nelson Jonathan “N” and Nancy “N” have been charged with attempted homicide. All three “allegedly participated in the events that occurred on December 2 of this year when they went aboard a truck to a house they were building in Superblock 233 of Cancun since they had supposedly been warned that a neighbor was stealing materials from them.

“Upon arriving at the scene, without saying a word, one of them fired a firearm at one of the victims causing injuries. The bullets also hit a minor who was at the scene.”

A Cancun judge issued an arrest warrant against Jhonson Eduardo “N”, Nelson Jonathan “N” and Nancy “N”, which was executed Wednesday. Their trials are set to begin in four months.