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Three men arrested in Cancun charged with drug offences

Cancun, Q.R. — Three men who were arrested earlier this week in Region 255 remain in police custody on drug charges. Numerous local media had reported the trio were arrested for the murder of a young woman who was found dead last weekend.

Her death sparked outrage which lead to a protest Monday night in the city’s center that left four injured.

On social media, the Police of Cancun have clarified that the three men are only charged with dealing drugs.

“During surveillance patrol in Superblock 255, we arrested three men who said their names were Fredy “N”, 29 years old, Irving “N”, 27 years old, and Raúl “N”, 18 years old, for crimes against health for which they were made available to the corresponding authority,” the Municipal Public Security Secretariat reported.

At least two homes in Cancun have been searched in relation to the death of the young woman, however, the trio are not charged with her death.