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The legalization of Uber in Cancun will force taxi drivers to be better says city secretary

Cancun, Q.R. — The legalization of Uber will force state taxi drivers to provide a better service says the Secretary General of Benito Juarez. On Wednesday, Jorge Aguilar Osorio spoke out about the judicial ruling that will allow the rideshare service to operate legally.

On social media, he posted that now that Uber can operate legally, it will force taxi driver to improve their services. He also made note that Uber, in no way, replaces the state’s taxi services.

“The Federal Judiciary decided that the Uber Service in Quintana Roo, as it happens in other states, is legal. This does not imply the removal of the taxi unions in any way, rather it will force them to substantially improve their service,” he posted on Twitter January 11.

The decision to legalize the rideshare service that operates in more than 60 other cities in Mexico, was made after the court determined that Uber does not affect the public transport services, but instead, helps the public by offering more service options.