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Taxi drivers hold protests but still do not file complaints says Cancun city council

Cancun, Q.R. — The Secretary of Cancun City Council says that taxi drivers have yet to come forward and make an official complaint regarding their protest concerns from earlier this week.

Flor Ruíz Cosío of the Cancun City Council said that the drivers who operate in the Hotel Zone continue to do so, even after staging another protest claiming organized crime and corruption of the head of the city’s Tourist Police.

On September 14, dozens of Cancun taxi drivers took the blocking roads around the Cancun Hotel Zone in protest of claims of corruption against the head of the city’s Tourist Police, Cesar Escamilla.

Ruíz Cosío noted that while an investigation is being conducted, the taxi drivers who made the accuciations have yet to come forward to file an official complaint.

“They have an open channel of communication with the municipality, and we continue to reiterate that their disagreements are resolved through dialogue and not with third parties as they have done.

“This time, we have been very clear with them that we are no longer going to allow them to affect the interests of citizens and tourists,” she said regarding the blocking of major Cancun arteries for the third time in as many months.