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Suspects in targeted shooting of Canadian in Cancun detained on warrants

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men have been publicly announced as being arrested in relation to the targeted shooting death of a Canadian man. Quintana Roo authorities have announced the arrests of Luis Felipe “N” and Juan Pablo “N”, but did not say when they were arrested.

The State Attorney General (FGE) has reported their detainment on outstanding warrants for the December 15, 2023 shooting death of 37-year-old Canadian Samy Tamouro.

Tamouro was shot and killed while working out inside a Cancun gym on the morning of December 15. Shortly after the shooting, two men were seen leaving the area on a motorcycle. They were stopped by Cancun authorities and reportedly taken into custody on witness reports that the shooter escaped on a waiting motorcycle. However, police did not make a public statement regarding their possible involvement.

Two men were captured on city surveillance leaving the area after the shooting and taken into custody.
Photo: December 15, 2023

On Wednesday, almost a week after the shooting, state authorities have announced the arrests of two. “Municipal and State Police managed to capture Luis Felipe “N” and Juan Pablo “N”, who were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for events that occurred on December 15 of this year,” they said in their statement.

“Intelligence and field investigations as well as C5 camera reviews, expert analyzes, and searches of a motel in Cancun carried out by personnel from the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in Combating the Crime of Homicide, in coordination with elements of the State Police, pointed out that the detainees closely followed the victim days before the event to study his movements and subsequently, provide all the information collected to the material authors of the commission of this crime,” the FGE detailed.

Police have not said what evidence was found or is being used at the upcoming hearing that could tie both men to the December murder of the Montreal man.

Tamouro had a lengthy criminal record in Montreal where he was connected to the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels. In 2016, Tamouro was charged with varying offences and sentenced to 18 months in a Canadian prison before relocating to Cancun.