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Suspects detained in daytime cash grab outside Cancun bank

Cancun, Q.R. — Two armed suspects were detained Tuesday afternoon in a cash grab robbery outside a Cancun bank. Municipal officers responded to the report of the armed daytime robbery outside a Plaza Las Palmas bank branch in SM 36.

The man who was robbed had just arrived to deposit 250,000 in cash. However, before the diligence officer made it inside the bank, he was approached by two armed men and stripped of the money he was carrying.

The men fled on a motorcycle. Police began a search operation for the men and bike with the description provided by the diligence officer.

Using city surveillance cameras, police were successful in locating the red striped motorcycle and two armed riders. The bike was intercepted by police on Bonampak Avenue.

The two aboard the bike were found in possession of a loaded weapon and the bag of cash. Police did not identify them by name.