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State Secretary says hyped media insecurity politically motivated

Chetumal, Q.R. — State officials have referred to the latest hyped media wave of insecurity in the south as politically motivated. In a press conference, State Secretary Cristina Torres said political groups are taking advantage of crime to generate panic as a strategy to destabilize the state.

“Do not politicize security issues,” she said referring to hyped media including an altered video released on social media claiming cartel takeovers in Quintana Roo.

“In all the previous (electoral) processes there were similar situations,” she said. “They take the opportunity to send fake videos that coincide with a real situation and they want to generate an alert.

“The important thing here is that security is not politicized, it has to do with ethics,” she said.

Last week, an altered social media video began circulating where a group of armed men claimed to be taking over Cozumel. Other hyped incidence have been reported since the shooting death of an active SSC police officer last week.

Last week, an altered video began circulating claiming an armed group was going to take over the island of Cozumel.

In reference to the upcoming elections, Torres said in the past, security issues have been used for political purposes. She said citizens expect proposals and alternatives from the various political actors in the electoral run and do not deserve to enter a state of psychosis due to ill-intentioned people who spread messages of panic that do not correspond to reality, but coincide with a territorial dispute of crime.

On May 1, the Government of Belize released a public travel alert for its citizens traveling to Chetumal. In their statement, they said they were monitoring the recent rise in violent crime in the city of Chetumal while also acknowledging that Mexican authorities have taken steps to address the issue.